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In situations where the rapid provision of high electrical power on-site is crucial, the eCube's battery storage system proves indispensable, thanks to its buffering capabilities and peak shaving features.


Buffer function

The eCube serves as a buffer by drawing power from its battery storage, facilitating fast charging without imposing a significant strain on the primary electrical grid. There's no need for expensive infrastructure expansion.

Individually configurable

The eCube consists of two core modules: a battery storage system (storage plus inverter) and a charging dock module (fast charger), all housed in a 10, 20, or 40-foot container. The technology can be tailored to meet your specific needs and local conditions.

Optimisation of own consumption

Optimising self-consumption diminishes the requirement for additional energy procured from public energy suppliers. This approach effectively reduces costs, particularly during periods of high demand. Moreover, the eCube can seamlessly integrate ancillary services into public power grids, further enhancing its cost-efficiency.

Fixed or mobile use

Thanks to its standard connectors, the eCube offers maximum flexibility. It ensures a stable and reliable power supply for electric vehicles, industrial equipment, and machinery, even in remote areas with unreliable grid connections. The system can be extended to enable off-grid operation. The unique design of the core module also allows for optimizing charging infrastructure.

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