The eSpectrum AG

Simply store, use and manage energy with eSpectrum: a decentralised power supply optimised for your own consumption using battery storage systems - your own piece of security of supply.

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Das Team

Mike Schneider

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Roger Ackermann

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Pascal Walter

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Marc Emmisberger



Adrian Kressebuch



Dominic Imhof



About us

With its innovative and sustainable solutions, eSpectrum AG enables its customers to easily store, use and manage electrical energy.

Besides ready-to-connect battery storage systems like the eCube in various sizes, eSpectrum also offers fixed battery storage solutions. The company's proprietary energy management system, eEMS, efficiently controls and regulates energy procurement and, where available, self-production in relation to predicted consumption.

The TIT Imhof Group's intensive involvement with e-mobility in the heavy-duty vehicle sector has provided it with a wealth of knowledge that has been translated into concrete solutions for the most pressing problems of CO2-neutral energy supply.

This is how eSpectrum AG's business idea came into being.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the TIT Imhof Group based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, we want to support industry and commerce and give a boost to decentralised energy supply. Our services range from the analysis of potential and requirements to the optimisation of energy consumption and the creation of an infrastructure to serve the location.